7 dive site at Koh Chang,Thailand

[img] /-b5NsRljSwmc/Vrm9PCNb4TI /AAAAAAAAAPo/Dmtm45NJfdE/ s1600/PICT0047.1.JPG[/img ] Do you… View Post

Find a dive buddy

Stony or Guildy last min

Hi all. I'm a rescue diver with almost 90 dives. I work shifts so get a lot of free time including weekends. I'm looking for… View Post


Scuba bundle for sale

Price £175, Got a range of stuff here, all good condition and used only… View Advert

Wreck of the week

Aeolean Sky

5 miles S of St Aldhelm's Head

Diving News

Proposed new Marine Conservation Zones for Wales

The Welsh Government is proposing up to 10 new Marine… View Post

This Months book review

raveling Divers Guide to Sharm el Sheikh

The Traveling Divers Guide to Sharm el Sheikh

Why have I had to wait this long for what is the most revolutionary idea in dive logs since the invention of the ball point pen? This immediately postures the first question, is The Travelling Diver series a dive guide or a log book? The answer is it is both... View or Buy the book

Commercial Diving Q & A

Got a question about commercial diving

commercial diving forum

UK Diving's newest section can help you. Send Alf Leadbitter, Dive Training Manager and Ali MacLeod , Director of training at The Underwater Centre, your questions now. Visit the Q&A


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